Through Passion Comes Peace

We are here to say that peace is real and is something you can feel. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are in the world, the feeling of it feels the same. Our peace sign represent an individuals peace and a reminder to it. Without your peace the world can't have it. 

A couple times a year we have moments, moments where your whole world stops, your heart open and your eyes set fire. In those moments all of your problems are gone and within that moment peace at its core is felt. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in the world, the feeling feels the same. We want people to never forget those moments and to be able to hold their peace above all to uncover a hiding heart. We want people to not be afraid to follow their passions and to go after the things they think of most. Our peace signs represent those special moments of whats inside the purest heart. Every sign is cut, sanded, and stained by hand so like people, no two, are alike. Each is made to represent that we are here for different reasons, on different adventures but one thing that could connect us all is the underlying feeling of peace and it can be found through following passions. Passion lights up the world because its what lights up our hearts. Our peace signs are designed to make their way around the world in an attempt to connect and ground the world by the feeling of peace.
— PassionPeaces

You can not find peace by avoiding life
— Virginia Woolf