Our Peace Signs

There are many people in this world and our experiences vary from person to person. There are an unlimited amount of ways in which an individual can find peace and we make our peace signs because of that. Every sign is cut sanded and stained by hand so like people no two are alike. We all finding peace in different ways but all share the feeling that it brings. The better we can understand our differences the we closer become. One less line, brings us together. 

Our goal is for people to be able to see one of our peace signs and have it remind them of all the things that bring them peace as an individual. For them to know that no matter what happens in life, their peace will always come again. To be able to use it as a point of focus to get them through whatever it is they may be going through, and to get them where they want to be. Good things take time, and sometimes time is all we need. 

We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity and support their mission in build safe, affordable housing for all people around the world. Our campaign for it is "Peace Starts at Home." Us, along with Habitat believe a large part in obtaining peace is having your basic needs met and a roof over your head is one of them. For every peace sign sold, 15% of the profit will go to Habitat for Humanity.