About Us

Throughout our lives we have moments, moments where our whole world stops, our hearts open and our eyes set fire. In those moments, peace at it's core is felt. It does not matter who you are or where you are in the world, that feeling feels the same. PassionPeaces is here to recognize those moments to say that peace, is real. We create our peace signs within that mindset, and also this one. On June 12th of 2016 a shooting took place at the Orlando Night Club, Pulse. On this day, the founder cut one peace sign and put it on a tree outside his house. When tragedies like this take place our world seems to turn a bit slower and we as individuals, have a good understanding as to what's in our hearts and the important things in life. Then time passes as it should, and people move on as they should but that insight should never get lost. It shows life is short and how important it is for us to go into everyday and be reminded by our hearts. 

We are creating a community based around a peace sign, where each peace sign is cut, sanded, and stained by hand so like people no two are alike. We would like for people to be able to see them while driving where they are being put on trees, at someones home, business or to take them with them in their travels to show we are here together. To show that no matter how bad things may get those moments of peace will exist until the end of our time. By knowing those moments exist, it can push you through to the next step or get you through a difficult time. Never give up and never be afraid to put whats in your heart into the world. 


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