About Us


Our mission:
Our Peace Signs
This is where our business started and it is our foundation. Our peace signs are more than a decoration. They are symbol of yourself and the person you want to become. Each one is cut, sanded, and stained by hand so like people no two are alike. We are creating a community based around a peace. 
Clothing with Intent.
Everything we make serves a purpose. Whether its reminding yourself to use less, raise money for an organization or following your passions every item is made with for a reason. Donating towards a cause does more than help out, it connects the dots on what's happening in the world to keep us humble. We believe clothing is more than fashion. It can represent the person you want to become and the influence you want to have on the world.
Your ideas matter.
We push for anyone who has something they’ve always wanted to but have yet to try it. We believe in the unknown outcomes. You never know what there is to come and we encourage anyone to dive in to something they care about.
Our Stance on The Environment
While our core value is to bring people together, our second is pushing towards a cleaner more sustainable world. Every person has a role to play and that role is up to the individual to decide. We don’t believe in perfection we believe in becoming better. The earth is our home and we must try to do what we can to preserve its natural wonders for ourselves and the future.