About Us

PassionPeaces started out as a single peace sign made the day after the horrific shooting that took place at the Orlando, Florida nightclub by the companies founder Gavin. This peace sign was hung on a tree in Gavin backyard to show that life was short and how important it was to go after the things we love because we never know what can happen. 

About a week after the shooting Gavin shared his story about this peace sign  and why he made it with a new friend. Inspired by the story, this new friend suggested for him to share his message and his peace signs with members of local church in Ortley Beach, New Jersey. Gavin accepted this opportunity and got to work. Every peace sign was to be cut, sanded, and stained by hand so like people no two were alike. After making roughly 70 peaces signs, Gavin's Mom pointed out something new. The peace signs he was making were not the traditional peace sign. He was making them without the middle line. From this error came an idea. The idea was for these peace signs to represent the peace of the individual. To have a peace sign with a story and create a community around one. 

From there more and more people wanted these peace signs. From family to friends to local businesses, PassionPeaces started to spread and the passion for peace continued to grow.

Today PassionPeaces continues with this mission, to promote peace of the individual through handmade peace signs.